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7/8 Visual Arts

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Portraiture Study Sheet

Rebuilding the Opera House

After the recent Opera House fire, which destroyed the world famous landmark, you have been commissioned to design and create a small model for a new Opera House.

1. Design Concept
- Your idea needs to come from somewhere or based on something in nature.
- Present a photograph of your idea
- Different drawings showing various angles of the building

2. Cut out a template from printer paper

3. Progress onto cutting your shapes from Paste Board

4. Build a model of your design on the 'foot print' of the original building.


Using Word and the Internet. Students are to create an A4 information sheet on the Artwork 'Guernica' by Picasso. Students are to print off and submit to teacher. The following must be included.

-Your Name at the top of the Sheet

-Image of the work.
-Artist. Date. Nationality. Location of work.

-Brief history of the event depicted.

-List of the objects in the work with their symbolic meanings

-Final question: what was the significance of the work at the time it was made? What do you think is its significance now?


Drawing Tip - Soft Edge / Hard Edge

Still Life Painting

Homework Task: Still Life Painting
Due: Wk 6
Students are to select a Still Life Painting
Students are to answer the questions on the Artwork Study Sheet.
Artist Study: Paul Cezanne

Title Page: Still life
- Student copy Cezanne, Still life with Skull and Candlestick, 1870

Historical Servey - Ancient Greece to the 19th Century
Also touch on Picasso, Modigliani, Morandi and Olley (Australian)

Artwork Study No.1 Steenwyck (Dutch) "Vanitas - An Allegory of the Vanities of Human Life" 1640

Discussion - Objects considered 'Vanities of Human life'
Still life as presenting symbolic, moral and spiritual lessons.

Artwork Study No.2 - Cezanne, Apples and oranges, 1899

Artist - Paul Cezanne

Discussion - Objects as beautiful / importance in their own right
Of everyday beauty and worth.


What is Abstract Art?

Definition: Abstract art does not intend to represent something as it is seen by the eye. Instead, Abstract art expresses what cannot be recognised purely by sight. To relate to it, the Audience needs to use their mind, heart and soul and interprets it for themselves.  

Artist: Kandinsky (1866–1944) - Russian  Artwork: Composition VIII 
Quote: "The more frightening the world becomes ... the more art becomes abstract."

Artist: Picasso (1881-1973) - Spanish 
Artwork: Girl before a mirror.
Quote: ”I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.”

Artist: Pollack (1912-1956) - American 
Artwork: Number 14
Quote: “Abstract art should be enjoyed just as music is enjoyed”


Photography: The Decisive Moment

History of Photography
Introduction to the Camera
The Photograph: Truth or lies.

Artist Study - Henre Cartier Bresson
Image Search

"The Decisive Moment"


1. Demonstration on paper kite making
2. Building simple Diamond Kite
3. Experimenting with Design
4. Trial of Kite
5. Designing Unique Kite design based on the Diamond - Moving beyond the Diamond
Basic Diamond Kite - click here
Amazing Kites from Malaysia - click here
Book Art

Wk 1 Homework - Bring in from home a very old book that can be cut up.

Representation / Abstraction


1. Briefly answer 'Who was Paul Cezanne?'
- Place this Information in your art book
- Add new information to class page - click here
2. Briefly answer 'What is Impressionism?'
- Place this information in your art book

Exercise No. 1 - Representation / Non-Representational Painting

2009 Student Paintings - click here

Artist - Paul Cezanne

Artwork Study No.1- Cezanne, Still life with Skull and Candlestick, 1870

 Artwork Study No.2 - Cezanne, Apples and oranges, 1899

Artwork Study No.4 - Cezanne , Still life, Pears, Pommes and Casserole dist, 1900

Environmental Art

Artwork Study: The Environmental Art Movement

Artist Study: Andy Goldsworthy
Assessment: 25%  
Practical Task: To produce a large environmental artwork for a school setting

Samples of Student Work


Task 1 - View extracts of

River and Tides - Andy Goldsworthy
Spiral Jetty - Robert Smithson
Preliminary Work
Create a small environmental sculpture with natural materials inspired by the shapes you find in nature.

Draw in your Process Diary sketches of your sculpture.

Choose 1 (one) Artwork by Andy Goldsworthy that you like.
On a piece of A4 paper:
i. Draw the work
ii. Answer the questions on the Artwork Study Worksheet - click here

Task 2 - Create Environmental Sculpture No.2 and sketch the work in your Process Diary.

Task 3 - Use sporting equipment to create a series of works

Waste2Art Competition 
Blue Mountains City Council online gallery show a selection of sculptures
Mr Randall's Photographs of all sculptures

Megalong Film Festival
Year 7/8 films entered into this years festival
Click here - Megalong Valley Film Festival