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HSC Design and Technology


Important Documents
Case Studies
The case study involves the critical analysis of an innovation. Students will identify the factors underlying the success of the innovation; analyse ethical issues in relation to the innovation; and discuss the impact of the innovation on Australian society.

Preliminary HSC Case Study: The Coca-Cola Company
Documentary - The History of Coca-Cola

Coke in India - Environmental vs Commercial Ethics

Case Study No.1 : Apple Computers, a history of innovation
H1.1 critically analyses the factors affecting design and the development and success of design projects
H2.1 explains the influence of trends in society on design and production
H2.2 evaluates the impact of design and innovation on society and the environment
H6.2 critically assesses the emergence and impact of new technologies, and the factors affecting their development

  • The Secret of Apple Design, by Dan Turner - click here
  • Slide show of the development of Apple Computers - click here
  • iPad - Video of Steve Job's keynote address - click here
  • iPhone 4Steve Jobs Tackles iPhone 4 Issues and the Critics - click here
  • Series of Video covering issues - click here
  • iPhone 4 - Social Perspective - click here
Case Study No.2 : Richard Branson, investment and entrepreneurs
H1.2 relates the practices and processes of designers and producers to the major design project
H3.1 analyses the factors that influence innovation and the success of innovation